Bling Investments

Some of our Portfolio Companies

On demand transportation

Software that connects data, technologies, humans, and environments

Online diagram software and visualization

Online learning marketplace

Payroll and Benefits

Manage the entire DevOps cycle


Groceries delivered from local stores


Credit Card Processing

Spreadsheet with Database powers

App creation in minutes

Automated investing

Modern Basics, re-imagined

Online e-signatures

Beauty Marketplace

Lab Management Software and Marketplace

Postgres for SaaS

Anti-Fraud software for Call Centers

Teacher, Student, Parent Communication Platform

Dogboarding, Dogwalking

Q&A Platform

Crowdfunding Platform

Modern Recruiting Software

Video analytics platform

Data Visualization and BI Platform

Family Styled Office Meals

Bras and Underwear for Everybody

Client Management Software for SMB

Leasing and Asset Management Platform

Human Capital Management

Dinner in 15 minutes with 1 pan

Digital Operations Management

Pay any bill using credit cards


Reading and Writing Platform


Crowdsourced Hedge Fund


At Home Wine Preservation


Automated Home Security


Using AI/ML to re-imagine ultrasound


** Bling investment while at KV